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Blocking bad bots with .htacess
Blocking bad bots with .htacess

I'm no expert.
I have more doubts than certainties.
This is not a mantra.

Sry for my english
  • Download this htaccess.txt and rename to .htaccess or
  • Add this code to your .htacess ( add NOT replace )

  • Reupload your .htaccess to your main folder.

  • Change your .htacess permission to 444


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.txt   .htaccess.txt (Size: 21.25 KB / Downloads: 305)
[Image: 468x60_bf4brasil_site_zpsd7eefd7f.png]
Add a file in your root directory (normally public_html), where all of your MyBB files are and name it .htaccess.
That is
the period is only after it in the first line of this post due to punctuation.
Copy and paste the contents of that website into the .htaccess. If you use a plugin like Google SEO, you iwll already have a .htaccess. Please note that Apache does not pick up on .htaccess.txt, only .htaccess. If you already have a .htaccess, please paste the contents of it here and further instructions will be provided.
Where did you get this list of user agents and ip ranges?
(2013-10-16, 10:30 PM)laie_techie Wrote: Where did you get this list of user agents and ip ranges?
Updated .htaccess with correct parameters.
[Image: 468x60_bf4brasil_site_zpsd7eefd7f.png]
thanks alot Big Grin
Thanks alot. This is what I needed.

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