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Not Solved [Installing] need help.
Not Solved
i am new here.
i have 1 forum on ib named wwe forever. but i want to move to my own host coz i want complete control over forum and database.
i tried yt videos and installation guides but i don't understand how to create forum.
can some1 create forum for me ? on x10 hosting.
i will replace all email ids with mine.
Not Solved
You need to get the database backup of your forum, copy all of the files and then place them onto your new hoster. Then import that backup of the database into your new hosting's phpmyadmin, and change the config.php located in /inc/config.php to have the new details of your site (mysql information as well since that'll more then likely change). Then just point the new DNS of your domain to it and you are done.

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