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Solved: 6 Years ago Add Prefixes to Thread Subjects/Titles
Solved: 6 Years ago Information 
Is there any plugin where Admins can like add custom prefixes to any Title? For Example, somebody makes a Thread with it's subject saying:

Admin Application - RazzaWazza

I want to add a coloured prefix to it without having to edit the title myself so it'll be something like this:

[Pending] Admin Application - RazzaWazza

I want it so that Users can't have access to make those prefixes themselves but only Admins can add them.

Also, the other prefixes I want are:

Solved: 6 Years ago
Do you mean ACP -> Configuration -> Thread Prefixes? They provide all functions you mentioned.
Solved: 6 Years ago
Thanks! That's exactly what I'm looking for! Anyways, is there a way to disbale this for normal users so they can't select the prefix themselves? Basically, I want only Admins to be able to use this.

EDIT: Don't worry I fixed that by making it available only to Admins. Thanks!
Solved: 6 Years ago
Yes, you can select which groups can use a prefix.
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