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Not Solved How to stick "Quick Reply" under the first post
Not Solved
Hello everyone

I would like people to use my BB to reply primarily to the first post in every thread. This means that people who reply in the thread must be able to see the first post while they type their reply.

For this, it would be great if I could somehow stick the "Quick Reply" box directly under the first post, with all subsequent posts underneath the Quick Reply box. Or, if that is not possible, it would also by fine if the Quick Reply box was above the first post.

Can this be done?

I don't mind people being able to reply to each other's replies, but the thing that I want to use the forum for means that people must be encouraged to reply to the first post, and/or that people must not be discouraged from replying to the first post.

Not Solved
It is possible with Template Conditionals: Place both .txt and .php file in inc/plugins and activate.

Here something similar:

Replace $similarthreads with $quickreply and it should work if you put the postbit code in correct place (inside <table>, at the bottom of it).
Not Solved
(10-16-2013, 04:54 PM)HANIF Wrote: I need 1 Template my blog any 1 have plz give me my site

try using mybb to get an answer
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