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Not Solved [Error Message] can't access plug-ins, get error message...
Not Solved Bug 
new install of MyBB 1.6.11
can't access plug-ins in the adminCP, get error message:

"/homepages/29/d394933462/htdocs/eugenetattler_com/forum/inc/languages/english/admin/my_ad_manager.lang.php does not exist"

erased the forum and re-installed it, same issue w/a different plug-in.

can someone explain what is happening and how to fix it...???



Not Solved
Look to see if you don't have any templates inside of your plugin folder, and that there isn't a rouge bad plugin. Try removing plugin by plugin from that folder till it goes away. Once you find out which plugin it is, then you'll need to more then likely repair (if you want) it's information. Also with that plugin did you upload all files since it shows it's missing one.
Not Solved
Did you download the My Ads Plugin recently? If so, copy my_ad_manager.lang.php from the plugin's archive and put it inside your public_html/inc/plugins/languages/english/admin folder. That will sort it.
Not Solved
check if the referred files physically exist as above helpers said and also follow this guidance
Not Solved
Thanks to All,

This helps me to understand the forum structure a lot better.
I'm new at this.
Your input is much appreciated...


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