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I want posts...
Sorry, got a little carried away there...

Click the image in my sig, register, make 20 HQ posts and you will receive up to $5 by PayPal only. Posts in the introduction forum will not count.

Posting 20 new topics in Support Forums (there's a category with that title) will get you $7.50

Payments will be as I can afford them, but rest assured I will pay you as soon as I can. First payments will be in 6 days.

To claim your payments:

PRIVATE MESSAGE me HERE with your username on Asperger's Network, and how many posts you did. Lying to me will result in you not getting paid and I will not remove any posts you did make.

I reserve the right to remove posts that are off topic, contain crapy grammar, or are otherwise in breach of my site rules ( and to send you back to make more.
Anyone at all?
I'm going to do it.

EDIT: Wait. Do have the funds to pay yet?
(2013-10-27, 08:34 PM)MobileMod Wrote: I'm going to do it.

EDIT: Wait. Do have the funds to pay yet?

I reuqested the thread be closed. My paypal is doing funky things at the moment. You can do it, PM me your paypal and I will contact you when I can pay you.

Please be advised that unless the posts are a MINIMUM of 4 lines long, you will not receive a full price.
Closed by request.

It will be re-opened in future.
Jovan J.

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