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Not Solved Can't upgrade to the latest version
Not Solved

So here's the problem: when I try to upgrade my installation 1.6.9 to the latest one, I can't do that cause install script somehow thinks I want to upgrade to my current 1.6.9!

Here's the screenshot of version check in my admin panel:

And here's the screenshot of installer on the first step:

My forum is here:

So I don't get this. Installer somehow doesn't see my current version and doesn't provide me with ability to install the latest version.

Can I upgrade some other way, without using installer script? Cause it's said in the guide I must use this script to upgrade.

Thanks for your help!
Not Solved
Looks like someone just put the wrong variable in the string. It should upgrade you just fine assuming you've downloaded the latest 1.6.11 packages.
Not Solved
Well, I've downloaded that but it's in my 'Downloads' directory. I don't get what I should do with that package. The upgrade guide tells only about using installer. I try to use it and it doesn't work.

Can you help me please?
Not Solved

You have to upload the new files to the server before you can upgrade to them.

This is specified in the documentation.
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Yes, I've uploaded them now and then installed MyBB. And next — I see fresh forum without any of my data! How is that possible? I lost everything!

Now I'm deleting all the contents of the folder and uploading my backup.

What can you suggest me to do to upgrade?

Not Solved
Follow the instructions. It does not say to do an installation.
Not Solved
It says as follows:

Open your forum's home page in your web browser and add /install/ to the URL. For example, or

It is done.

It might ask you to remove a file called 'lock' in this folder. Use an FTP program or a file manager to remove the ./install/lock file.

It is done.

You should see a drop down list asking what version of MyBB you're upgrading from. Remember to select the correct version - the one you're currently using - or else the upgrade will not work correctly.

No. No drop down list.

Follow the instructions to run the upgrade.

it is done.

After the upgrade has finished, check that the file called 'lock' was created in the ./install/ folder. If it is missing, create it yourself or delete the "install" folder from your server. For extra protection, CHMOD ./inc/config.php to 644 if it isn't already.

It is done.

So I followed the instructions and got fresh database.
Not Solved
Thats why Im leaving mine 1.6.9 It works for me. Too much trouble otherwise
Not Solved
I'm really not sure how you managed to do that, if you go to ./install/ and already have a forum installed, you get the exact page that you showed us yourself in your second screenshot, where it says in big letters at the top 'MyBB is already installed' and will say 'Upgrade my existing copy of MyBB to 1.6.11', like in your screenshot. The upgrade docs should really say to go to ./install/upgrade.php, but the warning on the page is clear enough, and if it said to choose a version from a dropdown, then instead of just saying 'No. No drop down list', but carrying on regardless, maybe query it, as something's probably not right. Did you do what the upgrade docs say a bit higher up and backup your forum first?
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Yes, I've backed it up, but it seems to me that something was wrong with a backup of my database. I manage to upload my old files, but not the database. Right now my hoster is trying to recover my database from some old backups.

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