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Purchasing a plugin.
Hello, I need a basic plugin for my forums, basically an "Affiliate" like system, this plugin will consist of very few features, however essential to my forum.

1: Donation System, this system should go through Paypal and keep track of how much a user has donated over-time.

2: "Affiliate Bank" - Whenever a user donates, if they had signed up to the forum with a "referral" then the "referral" gets 10% of the amount that was donated put into their "Affiliate Bank", this should keep track of where all their funds are coming from, in the form of a table.

In Example.

User Bob has Referred 7 users, 3 of which have contributed.

Affiliate Bank Total Earnings: $1.70:
User: Leeroy --- Donated: $10.00 --- Profit: $1
User: Tom --- Donated: $5 --- Profit: $.50
User: Lexy --- Donated: $2 --- Profit: $.20

Give me a quote on what you would charge for this, as I haven't seen it done.
You can request a custom plugin there. They're not going to do it for free though.

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