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[Rejected] Marketplace (sell, buy, auction)
(2015-04-25, 02:26 PM)nik51702 Wrote: I say this should be a plugin not a core feature.


the previous forum I managed had a TON of what we called buy/sell/trade activity.  we simply set up a standard forum section and allowed users to start and manage their sales on there own.

on a new forum venture I'm working on, I fairly certain that the b/s/t activity will be quite high as well.  I'll leverage the thread prefixes to help better categorize the thread types.
Definitely needs to be a plugin and not in the core.
If you're looking for a marketplace friendly software, the forum is definitely not the way to go. The forum is for discussion, not for handling transactions. If you need to handle transactions, then it's best to make a plugin for it to extend your forum software. MyBB is building discussion board software, not open source eBay/Amazon software.
For what it's worth, this thread is within the realms of what the announcement at the top of this forum is for. I know this thread was posted before that, but that announcement is basically our official response.
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