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Warning: MYBB Extras
So, I just installed the Grouped Subforums Plugin by Janota and my forum started directing to

I checked the list of Vulnerable Plugins and none of my plugins are listed in there. I checked my settings and none seems to be changed. I can access my forum fine by using index.php at the end of my domain. Global.php and inc/functions.php seems to have been changed when I ran the file verification tool.

So, it's a warning that nobody should use the MyBB Extras Plugin. Their files are infected and force re-direct you to Hacking sites.
I think that plugin is a paid plugin. You most likely downloaded it from another site where it has been ripped/modified. Possibly it has been modified by someone at crazy hackers.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Well I had a problem with a plugin downloaded from mybb mod site which kept on doing the same thing ie redirecting me to another forum.
I downloaded it from MyBB Extras site. They had a bad reputation and now, it's confirmed.
(2013-10-28, 12:11 PM)Jimmy M. Wrote: I downloaded it from MyBB Extras site. They had a bad reputation and now, it's confirmed.

I highly doubt mybb extra has one of their own plugins re-directing to Why would they want to do that ? It doesn't even make sense.

As I've said above, if I can remember correctly that plugin is a paid plugin over there, is it ? If it is you must be a subscriber over there to be able to access it, correct ? Have you contacted them about it ?
I don't really know a lot about MyBB Extras, but I have heard similar reports related to their plugins. It is possible I suppose.
Here's an idea, start looking inside your plugins before you install it. It would be blatantly obvious if it's redirecting you somewhere else, and if not there is probably some random base64 encoded code in it somewhere which also should be blatantly obvious.
Janota or whoever is banned here, also scammed me out of my "membership" there.

Jovan J.

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