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Not Solved Need help: its my first post
Not Solved
Hello to ALL

I am university computer science student from INDIA. I knew about "mybb" through other forum like malwaretips. I used to came here just to browse the theme . but today this post is all about I NEED HELP

I have a major project in university ( . I have decided to make my University Discussion forum because my university lack of it at present. I have done synopsis. Every one appreciate it. Now its time to make working forum in upcoming 2-3 months. so i have 3 month to submit my final project.
I need help how to start all this using mybb Please provide step wise detail from scratch.

Thank you very much in advance. Smile
Not Solved
What exactly do you require assistance with? We'd be delighted to help you, but if you can tell us which specific issue.
Not Solved - Do some reading Smile
Not Solved
we do not understand what you need help with
Not Solved
(2013-11-24, 11:13 PM)tdbnz Wrote: we do not understand what you need help with

He wants us to provide him step-by-step instructions on how to install MyBB, without even encountering a problem yet.

As others said, give us something specific you need help with, because all the other information is easy to find with a simple google search, or even within the MyBB website.
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I would make two suggestions: a) Get Wamp or XAMPP to host PHP offline and install a MyBB forum in that controlled environment. It will give you a chance to play around and try things and if you get stuck you can always post here about the specific problem. And b) if you have any other skills like design or graphics, perhaps you could trade out services with another forum admin for his/her assistance with setting up the forum. It never hurts to have an experienced person involved.
Not Solved
Here is how to install MyBB:

1. Download the latest version of the software from:
[Image: 1379e0586761c04b6ae9ae8f5a38371a.png]
2. Unzip the folder so you are left with the 'Upload' folder. If you wish to install MyBB in a sub directory eg: then simply rename it from upload to forum or community etc.
[Image: 0e4a662e55f38e3505e01c020ba53b9c.png]
3. Upload all files located within the upload folder to your web server. If you have renamed it to forum then just upload it in that structure. To access the server you will need an FTP client. I suggest filezilla (
[Image: 6d28d42af995afeec885c7486734552a.png]
4. Once it is uploaded point your domain to the install directory eg: or whichever you chose.
[Image: 5e535ad88d308198ef9856de40e1deab.png]
5. You should then see a MyBB installation page however you need to create a MySQL database to install it. With your website you should have access to either cPanel or Parallels Plesk. Login to the one you have and find the databases link. I am using plesk so mine looks like this:
[Image: b31e84000c6b37d77f5b09a9881c61f5.png]
[Image: 3314e07eb914c2d9be672653a2cd36d4.png]
[Image: d7aa6a49849487529ec7d952bad1fbba.png]
Once the database is successfully created make a note of the database username, password and the database name itself and go back to the install screen.

6. Follow the install through until you get to the databases page. Please note if you have any errors stating that certain directories are not writable then you have to change the permissions.
It should like:
[Image: 93b91bd0b80437653ffcf97f37c10d98.png]
If not then you can change the permissions by right clicking on the directory and choosing 'File Permissions...' and this should popup:
[Image: abe884ee3fceb78eda720a924b92c15a.png]
If all looks good then proceed until the databases page and enter in the information you made note of. For the database server hostname most of the time it is localhost unless your website host specifies otherwise.
[Image: 21c416bdc4c2180d8bff4c9bc8b88124.png]
7. Continue through the install where it will add in all the tables, imports the default style, configures basic settings and prompts you to create an administrator account.
[Image: 00af73c3a879abcc31dcffea0f80c658.png]
[Image: 339ada2ec3f6fd5df4ae1409f1aaed46.png]
[Image: e400d6899e5a02d20885e7b92661e218.png]
[Image: 5e9d7537d0fb572c1bf5419f8ccc3d59.png]
[Image: 885ee030b1e5d7ddca60f3c02583665e.png]
Once it is finished you will need to delete the 'install' directory from your website. This is for security reasons. You can do this by opening filezilla or any other FTP client you chose and locating that directory. It should be located at your forum root eg: public_html/install (if you are installing at the website root) or public_html/forum/install (if you are installing in a sub directory). Simply right click and choose delete. Once it is finished you can access your copy of MyBB at you website wherever you decided to install it.
The install directory
[Image: 9b80b7ffbfe5f9a6195cef851aff32e7.png]
Your Forums:
[Image: 6b38b7e56692c118f7fbd5ba1af72dc4.png]
8. You are now finished with the installation. To access the admin control panel point your domain to wherever you installed MyBB and then /admin on the end for example: or Then login with the administrator account you setup during the installation.
[Image: 58ea4e833f189fdc8239248895047e8f.png]
From then on you can configure your forum to however you wish. All configuration settings are under the 'Configuration' tab, creating and managing forums are located under the 'Forums & Posts' tab etc.
[Image: def7f9294aed34dea4aa8fd5329612f0.png]

If you need any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.

I hope this helped!

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