How to unpark domain?
So the story here is..

The domain I'm currently using was on a Cloudflare name server on my friends account. I told him to delete it off his Cloudflare, then I added it onto my account and switched the name servers. I waited about 40 hours before switching back to default name servers, and then putting it back to Cloudflare's name servers. That's when I found out the domain was now parked for some strange reason, so I changed it back to default once again. A friend of mine called in GoDaddy and they said to set it as the default name servers. Note that, the default name servers are used for Parking, Switching hosts and hosting. I've waited long enough, and now the domain says it's parked.

This is the page I get about unparking a domain, but it's not possible because I don't have a custom name server.
[Image: 8TfQv2I.png]

I'm getting this page, but after this page it's telling me to choose a product, which I have to pay for and I don't need anything listed.
[Image: da1c.png]

I try clicking next on this page.
[Image: cayx.png]

And I get this.
[Image: 3nEEHrU.png]

My next billing date isn't until 2014.
[Image: 8FLq6F1.png]

From here, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, I'm completely lost as I have not had this problem before, ever.
Ask godaddy I left them because of how unusable their CP is though.

Or, simply open ticket telling them to unpark it set it to the name servers you want.
Well I guess the first quesiton is do you have hosting?

You need to:

1. get hosting
2. find out their name servers
3. go to
4. Click "my products"
5. Set the nameserver values of that domain to the ones you got from the host
6. Wait a few hours (it can take a while).
7. done!

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