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Not Solved Losing users, posts and threads! stats unstable!
Not Solved
That's a good point although the Prune User Posts/Threads setting defaults to no. However you may be on to something. Smile
Not Solved
Ill reply one by one Wink

Before anything, thanks for the support!

(2014-05-09, 06:29 PM)JordanMussi Wrote: Check for user deletions via the Admin Log:
Admin CP -> Tools & Maintenance -> Administrator Log -> Filter Administrator Logs -> Module = User-users
If that fails then it could be some bug in your installation of MyBB.

Can you verify that the decreases are real? Do you actually know if users, threads and posts are being deleted (ignoring those statistics)?

Also have you run File Verification? This would highlight any corrupt files that could be causing the issue.

Well there was a problem in the hosting server that caused all the index.php files to be deleted. i recovered them and then, started this problem.

I made 2 mirrors using a local apache server (So i dont have any interaction from users) (One mirror is exact to the website, and the second one is an updated one) and guess what:

Yesterday I lost:
7.902 (v 8) 4.604 (v 63) 70.194 (v 85)
and after opening a thread today i gain:
7.910 (^ 8) 4.668 (^ 64) 70.280 (^ 86)

so the thing is in contabilising the stats. I see in the admin panel (users-users filter) that there are no users being deleted there, only one that i had to delete months ago by user's request.

Prune - purge or whatever auto delete system is deactivated.

So the problem is in the counting. What file could affect this ? when i run the file verification i see the following (But i remember that i made mods to some of the following) :

AUSENTE: Missing

admin/modules/forum/announcements.php Cambiado
admin/modules/tools/adminlog.php Cambiado
admin/modules/tools/system_health.php Cambiado
inc/datahandlers/event.php Cambiado
inc/datahandlers/pm.php Cambiado
inc/datahandlers/post.php Cambiado
inc/datahandlers/user.php Cambiado
inc/functions_upload.php Cambiado
jscripts/editor.js Cambiado
modcp.php Cambiado
moderation.php Cambiado
polls.php Cambiado
private.php Cambiado
report.php Cambiado
reputation.php Cambiado
usercp.php Cambiado
xmlhttp.php Cambiado
admin/backups/index.html Ausente
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Engine/Native.php Ausente
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Engine/Shell.php Ausente
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Engine/String.php Ausente
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Engine/Xdiff.php Ausente
inc/3rdparty/diff/Diff/Renderer/Unified.php Ausente

I guess ill have to start with these files BUT in the updated copy of the forum the error still exists and it hasn't any changed or missing file as it is a fresh copy with the whole BD inserted after installing. it asked me to update the BD and worked but has the same problem... so maybe the problem is in the DB¿?
Not Solved
Took you a loooong time to post the results. Anyways, we can't do anything if you have 23 (!) missing or changed files. There can be a malicious/broken code in any of the modified files. So the first thing I'd do would be replacing them with originals.

If you are 100% sure that only stats are affected (nothing is actually deleted), did you try to run every Recount & Rebuild in ACP -> Tools & Maintenance? Then also Rebuild every Cache and optimise all tables.
Not Solved
I tried recounting and there is no difference. :/

as I said there are 3 copies (Files and DB) of my forum:
1 online (files changed and missing)
1 in local (The same as the online)
1 in local updated with original files an no one missing.

And the three of them have the same problem, so i suspect the problem is in the database.

What do you think about using a new clean installation and merging the posts using the utility? is it stable ?

There is a MAJOR function in my forum that is the awards system plugin, will the merge script transfer the info or will i have to do it manually ?

It's a really strange problem! thanks!

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