Maximum number of threads per day in X forum
Hey all,

Looking for a way to limit the number of threads a user can post in a specific forum per day. I've only found plugins that limit this site-wide.

Can anyone help? Thanks!
I'll see what I can do when I get home tonight. Shouldn't take too long.

One question however...

Would this need to be based off a specific user, a usergroup, or the option to include both?
No need for usergroup restrictions, though probably allowing admins to bypass it by default is wise.
Anyone know anything on this? :3
Sorry, I have been extremely on a project just taken. I have time tonight though, and I'll see what I can do.
I can code it.
Let me know if you are out of time to do it and I'll take a try.
It's almost complete.

However, just wondering, am I allowed to submit a link to a github download here for brad-t and submit it to plugin submissions later?
Before I link to the github repo and download, I just want to mention a few things.

- I used usergroups instead of individual users as it makes more sense for more people. If you want individual users, I recommend adding them to a restricted usergroup, even if that usergroup has only 3 people. I can create the feature if it is required though.

- When doing a Quick Reply, if you have the limit, it won't give you an error message, but you still won't be able to reply. I'll be fixing this quickly, I just want to release the plugin.

- The syntax for the configuration isn't great, so I created a generator for it ( ) - The syntax isn't hard to understand and it makes configuration easier IMO once you understand it (it's not hard to understand to be completely honest).

I'll post the images here until I can get a thread setup.

Plugin Settings:
Daily Post Limit Exceeded Message:

Last but not least:

Github Repo:
Github Download (Primary Download for Now):

Let me know if there are any issues...
This seems to be for posts, not threads? Not sure I understand it.
You may also see this:

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