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Ad It | A whole new aspect of forum advertising
Forum Name: Ad It (AI)
Forum Link:
Forum Site: (still under construction)
Forum Description: Ad It (AI) is a brand new forum service offering that will allow you to advertise your forum. This is for people who've started a project but haven't gained the right exposure, AI can help you with that by promoting your forum to the possible hundreds of online browsers every month.

You might think theres a catch of some sort, there isn't, we service you with completely free advertising. There are many other forums that claim the same thing, though many of them ask your for postal requirements or return links to their forum. Here at AI, we've scrapped that idea and that's why we ask you to come try our services, what have you got too lose?
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a very good idea, I'm going to use your forum but you should change your theme at least your logo
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A theme is being chosen, so far I haven't seen one I liked so I'm currently about making my own Toungue.
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