MyBB Mods?
Don't know if this is on the correct forum...

I am currently trialling this software, we are using SMF and are looking to change. We require a few basic features on our forums and I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if this is already possible on the forum or be able to direct me to a mod which will allow me to do what I'm asking.
What we need:
1) Allows members to sign up for calendar events
2) Custom Pages (Set landing page {not forum index})
3) Chat Box
4) Custom Forms (Contact etc...)
5) Custom Registration Fields
6) Display Custom Fields on Members List

We are able to get all of these features on our current forum, just wondering if we can do the same here.
All of this we need to be able to manage before we consider switching.

Thanks in advance,
almost all things possible with SMF are also possible with MyBB

6. possible through templates edits

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