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Activity Stream
An activity box would be a list of "alerts" for the user, and a way developers can hook into.

Before you say this could be a plugin itself, no, I disagree. If this was built-in, the chance of another developer using the activity stream would be more likely.

So an activity stream, if the developer hooks into would show alerts to the user that the forum itself created, and that plugins created, if the developer decides to hook into the activity stream code.

For example:

Forum core wise ~
  • "You just received a message from userX" - If you get multiple messages a day, you can view a list of the last recent users who sent you one, instead of just seeing "You have 3 new messages, the most recent is message is..."
  • Admin/Mod: A new thread needs to be accepted.
  • Admin: A mod just banned a user
  • You was just +repped
  • Your thread was moved.

Plugin wise....
  • UserX just mentioned you.
  • You just received a comment by.....
  • Your thread was deleted.
  • Your thread was just replied too. (I would say plugin-wise because I don't think a lot of forum owners would want this alert...?)

This would be a simple list of activity and the template developer can do whatever he wants with it, for example, on the top where it says "Search, Member List, etc" The activity stream/log would fit perfectly there. When the user clicks on it, a small window (right below activity link, not a pop up modal) would show.

For options, there would be a page called activity stream options, where by default it's used to turn on or off alerts. Plugin developers would (Hopefully would NEED to) make the options to turn off the alerts for their plugins.

The reason this should be a built in feature and not a plugin is because, this feature should be expected to have developers hook into, I can't say building this feature would be easy for MyBB team, but it would make forums A LOT more cleaner with alerts instead of ether not knowing you just received something like a +rep or your thread was moved.
Would definitely be a nice feature to have. It would also be fairly easy to create. Whether it will make it into the core is debatable, but I imagine 2.0 will have a much greater focus on social fetters such as this.

It adds solid social capabilities, more of a web 2.0 feel, and should be allowed to be disabled/enabled as required.

EDIT: I'd even be willing to donate to the developers a small cut as a sign of gratitude. Do donations to MyBB go toward developers and programmers?
(2013-12-15, 09:44 AM)Greg Winston Wrote: EDIT: I'd even be willing to donate to the developers a small cut as a sign of gratitude. Do donations to MyBB go toward developers and programmers?
Support this. We need easier ways of seeing what everybody is up to at any-one time.

Your feature suggestion has been accepted as a planned feature to be implemented in MyBB 2.0. Thanks for your contribution!
My suggestions:

1. Add ability to reply topics directly from the activities stream.

2. add GLOBAL activities stream, I mean the activities done by other members that not related directly to us, for example: A user replying B topic, C user likes F post.. and so on. But of course we can filter the stream to our liking.
Is this going to be implemented?

"Your thread was moved."

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