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Joining the Contributor Group
While everyone is able to see and read the threads in this section posting ability is restricted to people who have joined the Contributor usergroup.

To join the Contributor group you must be seen as contributing to the project. This includes, but isn't limited to:
  • Being involved in creating tutorials, guides or documentation
  • Providing quality support or joining discussions on GitHub for development
  • Developing high quality plugins and show a good knowledge of MyBB's code base
  • Creating high quality themes and styles and show a good knowledge of MyBB's design
  • Being an influential member of the MyBB Community
To join the Contributor group:
  • Head to your User CP Usergroups Page
  • Find the Contributor group and select "Join Group"
  • Please provide a brief description of why you're joining the group and submit your request
  • A member of the MyBB Team will review your request and inform you of the outcome
We look forward to your help! If you have any questions or concerns please create a new thread in our Private Inquiries forum.

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