Not Solved Shop and Multilogin make plugins page disappear.
Not Solved

PlugIn: Newpoints Shop
Issue: when I install this plugin to my folders, and go to admin > newpoints > plugins, it displays only a description of what plugins are, but nothing else. Before, it would also display a hello world! script, so this shouldn't be blank like this.

PlugIn: Multilogin
Issue: when I install this plugin to my root folders, it also has this same issue, except this effects admin > configuration > plugins instead. I've attached and image of it. I also have newpoints, prostats, and a few others, so this listen should not be blank either.

Same issue, but in two different locations in relation to two different plugins. Does anyone know what I did wrong here?

Does anyone have any idea? Both of these are pretty important to the set up for the site, so it's going to be a project breaker if I can't get these to work.

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Not Solved
Does anyone know what might be causing this?
Not Solved
I'd love to have an answer to this as well. This is what shows up on my plugins page:

"Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /home/darknew/public_html/inc/plugins/multilogin.php on line 206"

The same thing shows up when I click 'Plugin Updates'.

A little help would be much appreciated. Smile

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