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Indie Armory - Create your own masterpiece
Indie Armory - Create your own masterpiece


Indie Armory is a community for newbies in the game development scene. We're here to help out, give tips, contribute stuff, share resources, join projects, but we even offer our own engines, which make it easy to create awesome games! Our engines are programmed in Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic.NET, two easy-to-learn languages, which are perfect for beginners. Register now, it's free!

Unique features:

- Projects section : Members of community can share here their projects (such as games, engines, software or even themes for websites)
- Blog: Made with use of xThreads
- Modern and fully responsive site
Some news about site:
I started redoing before site to stage in what it was before my webhost lost half of my data. I recreated landing page, redid Projects section (and example show project) and reinstalled my MyBootstrap theme additionally themed with Bootswath Cyborg theme.
Nice website, looks great!
(2014-01-08, 07:27 PM)Dean0bi Wrote: Nice website, looks great!

Thank you very much Smile

I did some major improvements to site again:
- Redid projects section (again)
- Stretched theme, now it is looking more "clean"
- Added nice tree background to site
- Made new login page with possibility of Facebook and Twitter login

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