Not Solved jquery.min.js is breaking my smiley
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I am having an issue with my nav menu and the script that is making it where I cannot click on my smileys so far that's the only thing I see is a problem, I have removed this line to see if I had other instances on but it breaks my nav menu when I remove the script but if I do remove it my smileys do work but it is needed, and i do believe this is the only line where this code appears. Much help is appreciated
<script type="text/javascript" jQuery.noConflict() src=""></script>
this script is in my headerinclude

if you need to see the code fully I have a test login with admin rights, ill pm it to you
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This is what I always use, works perfectly
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can you post their script I don't really want to have to register at another forum

Problem solved, I just reinstalled the whole system going to make a non jquery menu, seems many be having to many issue's with jquery and mybb so it's best to disclude them out

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