2014 MyBB vs phpBB vs SMF
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(2014-01-25, 09:09 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote:
(2014-01-25, 09:04 AM)crazy4cs Wrote: vB5 is a crap IMHO too lol.

I know, but I just thought I would correct Cameron as he said there wasn't a major release in a few years.
Hey, my reply wasn't directed at you. It was in general. Smile
I don't there's much of a competition, In my opinion SMF won't really be out of them top ones. If there is a competition it's most probably between phpBB and MyBB, both are progressing very good. As far as I see more people create MyBB forums than phpBB forums though yet again phpBB releasing their new versions and so with MyBB, it's tough and at the start of a year very tough .
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I use many scripts, the mentioned on posts and others, only i have not the oportunit to test SMF, that because i find MyBB and it's very best option for me.

Why, because i like free scripts and codes, i can manage and test without any problem xD.

In my personal opinion, every script have their own vulnerabilities and they have some particular things. I like vBulletin, but is a paid software, and only can manage sites of friends who pay the licence every year, but it's good.

On security i have to tell the script more hacked is phpBB, many sites of vBulletin and MyBB, SMF, are hacked too, and official sites too xD.

But honestly i have my own preferences on every script i test, and for many reasons i think MyBB is one of the best options for programmers and newbie users to start a forum site xD.

If you talk about themes or plugins or some mods, you can see on my site i have my own theme, my own plugins and i use another plugins to make more pretty cool xD. My site is a very powerfull site, not secure at all or invulnerable, is only a site and i feel fine with this xD. I'm still using MyBB since 2 years ago and many other scripts and my favorite one is MyBB for my own reasons, i like vBulletin, but i don't want to pay if i wont use like many other users or sites xD.

You can use every script and finally you have your own experience, if you like someone you have to test it and i have that opinion, you have to test every script to choose one xD.
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

I used the three forum system.

SMF is coll for people those who want very customized portal page. SimplePortal of SMF is very easy to be customized.

The poll system is also more advanced than MyBB. Has option "Maximum vote per user" and "Allow users to change vote" in each poll created. But in MyBB 1.8 will also be added "Maximum vote per user" then the difference between the two will reduce.

But SMF also has its problems. Helpful addons are all paid. Like this for example: http://www.smfpacks.com/alertmod

Not sure since we do not remember exactly, but I remember SMF had no warning system, and reputation system in core.

Customize SMF is also not working so nice compared to MyBB.

PhpBB. I do not understand why this is the most used between the free options.. Not has multiquote button, can not know which option user voted in the poll, not has warning system and reputation system in core. Not has notification mod. Has worst system mod, most mod need core edit, if has two mod that require modification in same line of core edit will generate a hell of a headache. Customize this here requires 10 times more patience than MyBB. And if your theme is based in Subsilver2, will face much difficulty in installing various mods since most is done thinking only on prosilver based theme.

For me Mybb is best comparing the free options.
Has better ACP system. Very easy to customize. Many plugins do not need core edit. Mybb has best multiquote system (gives to take the discussion to another topic using multiquote). Has warning and reputation system in core. Auto Merge Double Post in core too. Useful plugin (mod) is free.
The reason phpBB is the most used is because is of it's age.
NodeBB will blow it all out of the water.
I doubt it. PHP software will always win due to the prevalence and simplicity of being able to use PHP.

PHP is just a matter of finding a free/cheap host, chucking a few files into a folder and pointing your browser to the domain.
Setting up a Node app requires you to have a server on which to install Node, NodeBB and its dependencies. Then if you want it on port 80 you'll need to set up nginx as a reverse proxy or something. Same applies to Ruby, Python, etc.

Little Bobby just discovered he can run his own website but has no experience whatsoever, which option will he choose?

On the note of forums in other languages, I'm really looking forward to Discourse reaching a stable state. It looks really promising.
How is PHP more simple than JS besides the setup...

NodeBB is way more awesome than Discourse.

Node > RoR
(2014-01-26, 02:24 PM)maniacmusic Wrote: How is PHP more simple than JS besides the setup...

Because it requires the setup. The entry barrier for using PHP is essentially 0. As per my previous example, the only thing that you need to know is how to sign up for an account at somewhere like 000webhost and you can start using PHP. For Node you need to know and understand how to set up and configure it on a server (There are PaaS providers for node that offer free trials, but not with the same accessibility as PHP - they are all targeted at people/enterprise who already know what they are doing, not entry-level). For this reason PHP will always be more widely used.
NodeBB offers a hosting service them self for people too stupid or lazy to follow a step by step guide and renting a VPS.

What makes you think it is important to support people who don't know what they are doing and who have a ugly, outdated board on a free host that most likely wont be used and abandoned anyway.
Don't get me wrong, they shall have it, but personally I strive for major enhancements only technology like Node could bring and don't care that much about clueless people.

Ugh that sounds like I'm a horrible person, I do like to teach though - but I won't let such arguments hold back progress or stop me from recommending superior, open source software.

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