2014 MyBB vs phpBB vs SMF
Good to hear! I never happened to see it in the plugins section, but I'm glad someone's tackling the need.
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Quote:http://www.sceditor.com/documentation/custom-bbcodes/ might be a helpful resource to you. I'm not sure what your skill level is in dealing with code, so if you need help, don't hesitate to ask or post a tutorial request in the 1.8 Support section.
Thanks a lot for your answser. I'm a admin system with scripting skills but really not enaugh to implement this by myself.

Quote:i will return to develop this http://community.mybb.com/thread-156575.html and i will release 1.0 version until end of this month
That's awesome!
I have used mybb SMF and phpBB. If you want something that's simple and works, then choose myBB. If you want something that has a huge community and a TON of functionality, use phpBB. Don't use SMF It's very ugly and the ACP Sucks! Now if you do decide to ever use phpBB be warned, it may have great functionality but that doesn't mean it's easy to manage. If you want something that's easy to manage and works for most uses, choose myBB. But if you don't mind having to go into files/config a lot then choose phpBB that's what I think at least.
Sorry to bring an older thread up but I've just started using Mybb for the last month because I needed an Arcade. Flash games won't be around a whole lot longer but even mature/older members enjoy it. I have tried many scripts with the exception of XF so I can't input on it.  I cut my teeth on iPBFree so that is how long I have played with forums. PhPBB was okay but not nearly as smooth as myBB.

I have used IPB (now IPS) for 10 years and watched it go from a great fun forum software with a thriving mod developing community to that of a more commercial oriented interested with nearly anything of use a being a paid mod. Constant "updates" break themes and mods you buy to the point devs have started charging maintenance fees per 6 months. It's really sad. We recently lost our arcade to the IPB/IPS upgrade 4.0 (that had to be done as support for the 3.4.x is ending soon)  and there are no plans to convert it, it is just too big of a job with the new 4.0 coding. We even lost the shoutbox to the new coding but someone stepped forward and started a new one.

I have been so impressed with myBB that I am thinking of moving a 10 year old community over to it. Even if myBB were to go paid one day I hope they keep their roots in communities and not go after commercialization. Everyone deserves money for work at times, but some get lost in the dollar sign and forget the little guys. You have a super software here. The ACP is great and easy to follow unlike many others. The installation of mods and themes are super nice. The mod devs seem to be a friendly group and dedicated to making a great forum software and not just making money.

That's just my 2 cents worth.

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