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[For 1.6] Re-Admin
Demonate Presents
Re-Admin 0.1
A Plugin for MyBB to gain back ACP access to SuperAdmins on accidental demotion.

Language: English
Additional Language: Welcome
This plugin detects the ACP access rights for superadmins and if there is no right it displays the option dialogue to regain the access. You can define the detection based on scenario:
  1. Only if the user id is 1
  2. If the user is declared as superadmin
  3. When user id is 1 and also the user is superadmin

You can even set a password to gain back the access which has to be entered in the notification dialogue.

Settings: There are four settings for this plugin.

[Image: tBeJrWf.png]

Licence: Demonate standard licence applied.
1. Community Release Thread (this one)
2. Demonate Release Thread


Revoke notice (without pass)

[Image: lppgPto.png]

Revoke notice (with pass)

[Image: SzkxYej.png]

Revoke notice (after failed attempt)

[Image: ykBAiXu.png]

Plugin released at mods site.
Thanks for the quick approval Big Grin

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