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COMPLETE: Last One to Post WINS! #2
I disagree.Do you mean we spent so many days for nothing?Atleast we can have a few memories of this contest if the thread is still there.
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Really, there's nothing to remember about this thread.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
Well,I feel I have spent a lot of time here there so I want to keep the thread.
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A lot of time here? Why did you do that for then? Yes because you wanted to win. Err now that someone has won I don't see why it should be here.
View printable version and save the page if you want to keep the thread for memories. Wink
Well,could just say I spent a lot of time here for passing my time.Ok I give up I want this thread but it is all in Kodaks's hands.
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Hello Guys, I have just came back from a trip and will be leaving onto another. So if you need me nows your chance before I leave tomorrow.
Kind Regards.
It's been more than a week! Move, move, move! Big Grin
Moved to the Testing and Trash forum. Thanks again for everyone who has participated! Big Grin
Don't blame me if it gets deleted!

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