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[For 1.6] Imp Forums 0.1
Demonate Presents
Imp Forums 0.1
A Plugin for MyBB to display the count of threads under a certain category / forum in Index.

Language: English
Additional Language: Welcome
This plugin is capable of fetching the thread count of any category, forum, subforum and display in index. Very handy for the sites releasing products or something. This plugin will display the Forum name of the desired forum alongwith the thread count. Optionally you can display the last active thread as well.

Settings: There are six settings for this plugin.

[Image: fqp51yw.png]

Licence: Demonate standard licence applied.
1. Community Release Thread (this one)
2. Demonate release thread


Display Table:

[Image: hos1zWx.png]

Display with empty forum (if set)

[Image: fPbJlBV.png]

Display with no data

[Image: IZdEJCQ.png]

You can even place it in your sidebar disabling the last active thread like this:

[Image: GmIGoHg.png]

This plugin is running no additional query through database (only cache and MyBB native function calls).

Released at Mods site Big Grin

Thanks for the fast approval.
Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in ../inc/plugins/impforums.php on line 53

I do not understand some programming but gave the error mentioned in line 53 and it seemed obvious change but I do not know what that change entails.

$impforums_recurse ($fcache, $infid);

The mod installed but the set up and use the following error

Fatal error: Function name must be a string in / home/bf4br419/public_html/forum/inc/plugins/impforums.php on line 53
[Image: 468x60_bf4brasil_site_zpsd7eefd7f.png]
I'm not getting this error, but can you please try this for me?
In line 53:

impforums_recurse(&$fcache, &$infid);

Change it to:

impforums_recurse($fcache, $infid);

Save it and check whether its resolved ...

Actually as per PHP manual (passing by Reference) the '&' might be in function, not in function call ...

(2014-01-30, 05:17 AM)dthiago Wrote:
$impforums_recurse ($fcache, $infid);
Fatal error: Function name must be a string in / home/bf4br419/public_html/forum/inc/plugins/impforums.php on line 53

Its a function call. Function name is not variable and can't begin with $.
Done but only insert {$inpforums} on default theme.
[Image: 468x60_bf4brasil_site_zpsd7eefd7f.png]
Its {$impforums}

So you are not getting the error anymore?

Set the forum ids you require the status of in settings? This plugin displays only the status of the defined forum / category (unlike other stats plugin), so you have to set the forum ids.

but strange i copy/paste this {$inpforums} ...but it´s ok.I will use in another forum.
[Image: 468x60_bf4brasil_site_zpsd7eefd7f.png]
Its {$impforums}, not {$inpforums} Big Grin
Hi effone,
I love this plugin,
is there any way I can call just the count of a particular fid

for exmple say my fid id was 48 for a category called music and it has 3 threads, so
maybe something like {$impforums_48_info['threads']} and it would show just the count like: 3

Is there any way?
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hey man, what's up?

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