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Theme created by Justin S.
Hi Dear Justin S. and MYBB Admins I have a question related to footer link "Theme created by Justin S." The link is broken or something it redirects to Google so I am asking permeation to add rel="nofollow" to it as it's no longer works!
I'm not Justin S / MyBB Admins but I can say if you think the link is broken you can revert back the footer template to original.
The links is pointing to but it redirects to Google. I am loosing ranking because of the broken link!!!!!

I can't revert to original because I am using not original MYBB theme!!!
I have the same question.
(Apart theme)
Please can I add rel nofollow to that broken link and stop sending web crawlers to Google!
I'm quite sure you can remove the broken link but you should leave the "Theme created by Justin S." credits (so just remove that <a></a> from footer).
Thanks D666 baby for your assistance Wink
I believe this is his new website if you wish to link to him:

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