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Not Solved [How To?] How to hide forums from users
Not Solved
I would like to, but at the moment it's at test and no users, neither search engines should be able to see it.
If you could give me your ip address via pm or something, I can add it to the .htaccess file zo you can visit it.
Greetings, Black Tiger
Not Solved
I posted the credentials in the Private Inquires forum, but I need an ip add to my .htaccess allow section.

I can confirm it's the merge script which is making mistakes. With a newly installed not converted mybb, this problem does not exist.

Other problems just discovered:
1.) Users password do not work anymore, looks like they have to use the "forgotten password" option to retrieve a new password.
2.) Users time setting are not taken over correctly, converted and new users are set to GMT instead of GMT+1 in spite of the default GMT+1 time setting.

I think the database got corrupted somehow during conversation.

Tried again. Same problems occur with hiding forums and time settings (passwords went ok). So it's really the merge system. Tried twice exactly as should be done and with conversion from VB to SMF there is not a single issue at all.

1.) Hiding forums works before the conversion, not anymore after conversion.
2.) Also custom usergroups were copied, but members in them were put to the normal registered usergroup, which is not very nice either.Sad
3.) Time zone settings are not converted. Not even the default setting of GMT+1 on both forums. After conversion every user is set to GMT (+0 in fact).
Greetings, Black Tiger

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