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Not Solved [How To?] How to hide forums from users
Not Solved
First of all my compliments to the conversion script, except 2 faults in the script (see my other thread) it worked perfectly after I fixed them.

I'm just testing at the moment, and don't know for sure if we're going to MyBB or to SMF. It depends mainly on security configuration options present. So I got 2 questions.

1.) In vBulletin it was easy to hide certain forums from guest, users and even moderators.

For example we got a moderator forum. Guest can't view the content of this forum, but they can see that it's there.
The possibility of hiding forum names and sections to certain usergroups is a real must, without it, Mybb is no option.
Is there an option so they can't even see a complete section or forum?

2.) Will there be something similar like access masks which vBulletin has?
For example, we got user Bob and George, both member of the normal registered member group.
However, we got several special forums, which we like to give Bob access to forum A en George to forum B, without having to make 2 seperate usergroups again.
Does Mybb has something like this or will this be in the new to come 1.8 version?
Greetings, Black Tiger
Not Solved
1.) You can certainly do this! In the Admin Control Panel (ACP) go here:
ACP -> Forums & Posts -> Forum Management

Click on the forum/section you want to modify viewing for and go to permissions at the top.

From here you can use the easy drag and drop interface or the advanced settings to fine tune access and permissions in these forums by each usergroup.

2.) There may well be a way to do this, I don't know of a built-in way to do it currently (1.6.x). To my knowledge you'd need to use a second usergroup and add that as an additional usergroup to the user.
Not Solved
Hello. Thank you for the quick reply.

1.) No unfortunately it can't be done as far as I can see.
I can't find any "permissions" at the top. It works a bit different in 1.6.12
I go to ACP->Forums&Posts->Forum management as you say.
Then I see a list of forums. If I want to change permissions, I have to click the "options" button next to the appropriate forum first. Then a pulldown appears and I can click permissions there.
Usergroup Guest has all permissions in the "disallowed actions" part. But they can still see the forumname in the index.php. I want it to be hidden to them.
The "view" permission only blocks viewing the content of the forum, not the forum itself.
I can't find any "advanced settings". Maybe it can be done with that, but then I have to find them first.
If you mean the "edit permissions" option, which has indeed more permission options, then it won't work either, because it does not contain any "hide from this group" option.Sad

2.) Yes but that would mean that I had to create multiple usergroups when using multiple kind of these forums. With access masks it works a lot easyer and you don't need a lot of usergroups.
So access masks might be a nice feature request.
Greetings, Black Tiger
Not Solved
AlienHoboken Wrote:Click on the forum/section you want to modify

For the way I told you to do it you actually have to click on the forum name then "Permissions" will appear. But clicking Options -> Permissions works as well.

So your problem is that they can still see the category? If so, just hide the category as well.

If you mean you don't want them to see anything you can go to ACP -> Users & Groups -> Groups -> Guests -> Forums and Posts. From here you can disable their ability to view threads, forums, etc.
Not Solved
Do you have exactly the same version as I have? Because I could provide screenshots for you.

If I click on a forum as you say, no permissions will appear, it will say "There are no forums found." because that's for the subforums.
Options -> Permissions won't work for what I need. It only decides whether guest or other usergroup can view the content of the forum, not the forumname itself in the list of forums. That will still remain visible as I explained.

Quote:So your problem is that they can still see the category? If so, just hide the category as well.
No, my problem is that it's not only the category they still can see, it's the forums as well.

Like I said, they can't view the content, but they can view the forum name on the forum list.

Quote:If you mean you don't want them to see anything
No I mean that that don't see anything from a certain forum and/or categorie.

For example I want to hide the forum "moderators" from them, in a way that they can't even see the neem "moderators" on the forum list (index page), but that they can see other forums, like "news".
With all the options mentioned, I can only configure that they can't view the content of "moderators", but they still will see the name of the forum "moderators" in the list and I don't wont that. I want that name completely hidden from that group.

If that should work with the "view" option, then there is a bug in Mybb because it's not working, because on my forum all the rights of the guests group are set to "disallowed actions" for that forum and for the category and they still can see their names on the index page.

On SMF you got with Forums and Posts an option where you can click in the usergroup, which forums should be visible. In vBulletin the forums where a user does not has access to and is set private, is automatically hidden from their view.
Until now, I can't find any option in Mybb to do this, or it's not working.
Greetings, Black Tiger
Not Solved
[Image: P9igQbN.png]

That's how it needs to be setup. It sounds like you've done something wrong, you as a user definitely can't see our internal forums here and we use the same setup.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
Not Solved
Unfortunately, maybe something went wrong with conversion maybe, because I did not do anything wrong. I administer forums for over 10 years (vBulletin and phpBB) and Mybb does not look that difficult either. On SMF I had this working within minutes. And I never used SMF before.

I posted a screenshot of my forum options for the moderator forum.

And then a screenshot which I made, not being logged in with another browser, so as guest view.

I know it should be working, because it would be strange if it wouldn't. But as you can see, on my converted forums, it does not work. And I've got the rights setup the same as you, so I did not do it wrongly.

Here's another screenshot from the same permissions page as you have.
Greetings, Black Tiger
Not Solved
Strange. Can you try ticking the "Forum is Open?" checkbox to see if it's due to that? Perhaps it ignores the permissions when the forum is locked.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
Not Solved
That's strange indeed. I just ticked the "forum is open" option so now it is unselected but it's still visible (tried with IE and FF, both cases also used ctrl-F5 to refresh).

I had it set set to open before, because it says this:
Quote:If unselected, users will not be able to post in this forum regardless of permissions.
So I have to select it, otherwise moderators won't be able to post in there either, correct?

For your info.
I just tried with a newly made registered user... same problem. He also can view the forum names which should not be viewable to him.
My conversion was from vbulletin 3.8.7 pl3 to Mybb.
Greetings, Black Tiger
Not Solved
Quote:So I have to select it, otherwise moderators won't be able to post in there either, correct?

Correct, otherwise it's like an archive.

If you post your board URL and admin login details in the Private Inquires forum, someone can take a deeper look in to the issue. Smile
No longer involved in the MyBB project.

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