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Not Solved Templates
Not Solved
I'm working on a skin using 1.6.12, and am having problems with templates (probably because it's ages since I did one lol).

I have created a template called "sidebar" and I am now trying to insert it into the header so that the content will show up no matter where you are on the MyBB installation. It's not working though. Any suggestions? It does not appear at all.

It's for (default theme based on Treasure Planet).
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Not Solved
And how did you insert it to header?

Try this:
Not Solved
Thanks for the reply @Destroy666

I tried to insert it using:

{$template sidebar} and
<template sidebar>

In the linked-to thread, I see you need to download template conditionals. Is there a way to do it without using it? This skin I'm working on will be available for people both on MyBB and Icyboards, and not everyone will have the ability to install something onto their server space (we're talking probably a few piggy-back posters as well).
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No, there isn't.. Either that, core file edits or new plugin. So not possible on services like IcyBoards.
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Thanks @Destroy666

How would I then add the coding directly into the header's template so it shows? I've been trying to do it this way so Icyboard users can use the skin too, but it's not showing up right and sometimes not at all.

(Thanks for all your help so far!)
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