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Not Solved [How To?] Needing help to fix theme issue
Not Solved
Okay so needing help with this issue on mybb 1.6.12 (latest)

I got into my ACP and have the theme set to a custom theme.
I then go into my account settings in the ACP for my account and change the "other options" "theme" to 'Default theme'

Whenever i go back into the ACP's Theme changer and change the default theme to something new, it stay's on the theme i had selected before, for my account.

If i sign out of my account of course it switches to the new theme i just selected.

When i go back into the ACP and to edit my account, i see the "Other Options" "Theme" option has changed back to the theme i was stuck on rather than staying on 'Default Theme' like it was supposed too.

Here's an example, i changed it to default theme before hand and saved, i went to change the theme and went back to look and it stays on this theme: [Image: 3954cc29fc4d46182ba1c432a740216d.png]

Update: well, not really an update but, i keep having to go into my ACP to my user settings and clicking the save button just to get the theme to change after i set a different default theme.

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