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[For 1.8] Servers board
Hello, when I try to add my servers into the list they appear offline.

However, when I try to add another servers outside of my community they work and appear as online.

I already checked my server's IPtables. What's going on?
i have updated serversboard for ARK : Survival Evolved, if your are interested tell me
you can look here :
All Servers Are On ..!!
But Still Server Boards Show, 0/0 ..!!
How to fix it?

Server Variables:

Protocol_version 47
[Image: IMG_20171215_224248.jpg]

Well it happened after I made some changes in server FTP:

In Reunion.cfg 

Quote:### AUTH SETTINGS ### 

# ServerInfoAnswerType (0/1/2) 
# Sets server answer type for query requests 
# 0 = New style (Source Engine) 
# 1 = Old Style (Fix favorites list for p.47 clients) 
# 2 = Hybrid mode - Server is visible anywhere, but there are 3 packets generated for every serverinfo request 

Made This Change: 

ServerInfoAnswerType = 0 
ServerInfoAnswerType = 2

Means Changed From Protocol_Version 48 To Protocol_Version 47.
To Fix Some Server Bugs.
I got the same problem, guys can someone fix this plugin please?
Having an issue wit hthe servers being "offline" need support whenever immediately ty

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