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Not Solved Database Restore/Install Questions
Not Solved
I have been over the tutorials for restoring a database and migrating your forum to a new server more than a dozen times already, but I am still having some issues mixed with a unique situation. I'm terribly confused and a bit overwhelmed, so any advice/tips you can offer will help greatly.

I download a GZIP and Plain Text backup of a populated database using the MyBB Admin CP, and first tried importing the GZIP file to a new database on a new server. This resulted in only importing the mybb_adminlog table even though I had selected the backup for all the tables. I then tried uploading the Plain Text version, however, the file size is 518MB and the phpmyadmin page just keeps loading with no apparent progress of success or failure.

In addition, my forum is hosted through another person and I do not have access to the CPanel or an FTP account on the current server. One of the main reasons for the migration is so that the forum will be hosted on my own personal domain and server. The owner of the current server has not responded back to my emails, so presently my attempt at a migration is strictly precautionary. I would prefer not to alarm the members or promise a server change if it is not possible.

Basically, I am wondering is a migration even an option? My main concern is making sure the users/account information and forums/threads/posts transfer over successfully, as I can transfer over all the remaining themes, templates, content, and other aspects manually if needed.

I had not disabled the plugins at the time I created the backups, could that be the reason they are not importing properly? I still have members actively using the forum and the plugin options, so I would prefer not to deactivate them until I am 100% on a server migration.

Since I do not have the ability to copy the folder files from the current server via FTP, will I have to install MyBB on the new server after I restore the database? Or before? I believe I tried before and got an error when trying to import the backup since the tables in the database already existed. Another thing is that the current forum is running MyBB 1.6.10 and I would like to update to 1.6.12. Should I start with 1.6.10 for the restore and then update once everything is successful?
Not Solved
Yes, it's very possible and in the end it shouldn't be anything to worry about. Taking a complete backup of the database should allow you to get it back in working order. I'm not sure why you only got part of the database. I highly recommend trying to get the gzip again, but then opening it up and taking a better look at it to see if it does have everything.

Are you on one of those free forum hosts that probably use a multi-forum script to run the forum or is it a hard copy of mybb? It's possible that whatever multiforum script they use (if that is what you are on) has some massive changes that could cause issues.
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if database is of huge size then there is a possibility that the download / upload gets broken ..
if database is not broken then utility like BigDump can be tried for importing huge sized database
Not Solved
phpMyAdmin isn't meant for databases of that size. You can use MySQL CLI (or mysqldump?) to export and import the database. As for your current situation, if ALL you have is from phpMyAdmin, try to download it, and then install something like AppServ or WAMP so that you can try to important it locally (command line) to see if it's valid and complete. If it's indeed valid, your new server should probably be a VPS as your database is of decent size to use quite a bit of resources, and so that you have complete access to be able to import it and export it.

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