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Not Solved [How To?] Add Sidebar ads
Not Solved
Hi guys,
I want to add Ads on sidebar without plugins if possible (to avoid problems when upgrading to a new version).

This is how I want it:
[Image: lQLstjb.jpg]

When I tried, this was my "best" result but I don't want it like that:
[Image: 9SH1VB5.jpg]
Back in the days.
Not Solved
Back in the days.
Not Solved
For simplicity, I'd suggest taking a look at this:

When installed, we can tweak these settings.
Home » Board Settings » Side Boxes Plus index
Select "No" for the options other than the additional box. In the additional one; paste your advertisement code.

You will have to repeat the same in
Home » Board Settings » Side Boxes Plus Thread Showing Settings

I am using this plugin on my forum; gets the job done.
Not Solved
This is what happen when I try to edit it:
Back in the days.
Not Solved
You are specifically asking for a non-plugin solution, so:

On the page you want side bars find:


and change it to

<!-- left side boxes here -->

and then find


and change it to

<!-- right side boxes here -->

But of course there is width and CSS to add to get everything looking like the rest of the forum and this method doesn't allow any PHP-generated content-- static HTML only.

For a more complete solution, try my plugin Advanced Sidebox (link is in my signature). It may be more than what you need, but you'll find it is much easier and saves you work.

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