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Not Solved [JavaScript] jQuery/Prototype Not Working?
Not Solved
Not sure what happened but Quick Reply, jQuery, and Forum Minimize Button all do not work for some reason. I looked into it but can't figure out the problem. Anyone have any ideas to fix this?

It's supposed to be rotating using jQuery. I know it works properly because I tried it on a different theme and worked fine. Just transferred all the code but now it doesn't want to work.

Quick Reply:
The 'loading' icon keeps spinning and nothing happens.

Forum Minimize Buttons:
They simply won't collapse the forums, not sure what's wrong with those either.

If anyone knows a potential fix for any 3 of those, please help me out. Thanks!
Not Solved
Javascript Conflicts & Simple jQuery Tweaks | jQuery & Prototype Conflict in Mybb | jQuery with MyBB (prototype)
Not Solved
I took a look at all three links, and I already have that done besides the $ --> jQuery but that only fixed the collapse. The other 2 still don't work.
Not Solved
if it still needs fixing, can we have your forum url and a test user account
Not Solved
Forum is closed atm so if someone wants to help out, PM me so I can setup an account for you only.

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