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Not Solved removing styled usernames
Not Solved
my usernames on a forum are styled. But I only want them to show up that way on the main index page in the who is online area, when they are in the postbit area I want them all to be the same colors, unstyled. How would I do that?
Not Solved
can you give a test url of a topic in your forum where you have different styles of user names

in general, adding CSS style like below in global.css does the trick
.post_author .largetext a font {color: black!important;}
.post_author .largetext a span {color: black!important;}
.post_author .largetext a {color: black!important;}
Not Solved this is an example, one of my user groups is set to have this red color, but I do not want it to show up as red in the postbit. I want all usernames to be black. How would I do that? :o
Not Solved
bumping this up real quick. I've tried several things so far and nothing has really worked. :c

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