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Not Solved Need Theme Help
Not Solved
Hey, I'm having a couple issues setting up my new website. I have managed to install a theme and a some user badges but I can't get them to show.
Not Solved
It seems you may have uploaded them to the wrong place, where did you upload the images?
MyBB Support Technician
Not Solved
I just extracted the zip file in the images directory, no specific place. Idk i'm new to this.
Not Solved
^ theme images should be uploaded to images folder of your MyBB files server

theme package consists of images folder with the theme name.
that images folder with its contents should be uploaded to ./images folder of MyBB files server
if theme name is elitegamer then ./images/elitegamer folder should consist of the images

see also theme installation guidance | theme & plugin installing videos on youtube
Not Solved

i uploaded this theme folder to images folder but there is no .xml file in it so what i can do now?

any help?

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