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Not Solved Fake user to run tasks without users online?
Not Solved
Hi all,
I have a problem on my hosting and I can't use "RSS feed poster" plugin with Facebook status (I don't know why) .

I thought of using to solve this problem, a free hosting (as 000webhost), only to receive facebook link. Then, from my main site, I receive via RSS the latest feed from 000webhost voilĂ , will work.

I have created a new forum on 000webhost and also facebook links work..but..but..on that forum obviously there aren't users, so tasks don't work Sad

Is there a way to run always the tasks?

I tried with a crono job but I don't know how to do, I have always error.

If I add php the/file/system/path/to/task.php 12 I have error:

Path to the script cannot contain any special symbols or whitespaces


thank you
Not Solved
You could try Paul H's Forum Crawler. I cant quite figure out how to get it to work though. You could try asking Paul in the IRC?
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