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Not Solved Passwords not converting from phpBB3
Not Solved
I've run into a number of problems converting a forum from phpBB3 to mybb. Most of them I've been able to fix one way or another, e.g., a perl script when the membership for groups doesn't migrate.

However, this one has me stumped. When I run the merge, I end up with no passwords for the users. I have the loginconvert.php file in ../inc/plugins and I am doing the merge to a clean install, before I add any plugins, my custom code, or any other changes to MyBB.

I don’t really want to reset all the users to a generic password and have them change it on first login, but I’d like to get this thing done.

Looking at the debug log, I can see two arrays for each user, what looks like the data from phpBB3 ($data:array) and what looks like it might be the data that is going to be loaded into MyBB, ($insert_array: array). In the first I see a variable named password and in the second I see a variable named loginkey. There is data in both, e.g. for one of my users I see the following:

'user_password' => '$H$9LInCYHp2cAWKlVWbKQzJFxcaRecoX.',
'loginkey' => 'AssDeJJdQlVTfOnPrewJFKNSjVH5rk44WVauLTA4j9j5vrpxPH',
Updating that user’s record in MyBB with either of those values for the password doesn’t work to log the user in.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be going on.
Not Solved
Have you activated the plugin?
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
Not Solved
I don't remember its state before the merge, but it says it is activated right now? I'll re-install and run the merge again and see that it is active before the merge,

(2014-03-04, 07:03 PM)Nathan Malcolm Wrote: Have you activated the plugin?

Re ran the install, verified that the plugin was active and reran merge no change.
Not Solved
Did you tried to login after that or you were looking at the database?
Jovan J.
Not Solved
(2014-03-04, 07:35 PM)Jovan J. Wrote: Did you tried to login after that or you were looking at the database?

Both, tried to log in then looked at the mybb_users/password field which was blank.

I've looked at the code in the plugin, but it is beyond my PHP skills.
Not Solved
How big is your database? Are you able to share your database, I want to try it myself.
Jovan J.
Not Solved
Too much proprietary information in it for me to share.

I did a little experiment. I have an earlier version of the database in phpbb2 format. I converted that and it created password in a mybb installation (MyBB2).

I was able to log into MyBB2 using the id and password from the phpbb2 instance.
(The id and password I am testing is the same in both phpbb instances.)

I then converted the phpbb3 database as before into a different installation of mybb (MyBB). I then pasted the encrypted password from MyBB2 into the MyBB's database.

I couldn’t log in to MyBB.

I know that the way password are encrypted changed between phpbb2 and phpbb3, but I don't understand why mybb would care once it was converted.

Looks like something is going on with how the two conversion work or how mybb thinks the password is encrypted/created.

I’ll poke around some more and see if I can see anything that might drive that.

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