Not Solved [NewPoints] How to show points earned after posting a new thread or post
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I'd like it to show their current points and points earned for that post after someone posts.
Example: Thanks for posting [USERNAME], you've earned [POINTS] for this post. Your total points are [TOTALPOINTS]. Points can be used towards extra discounts with our sponsors.

Is this possible?
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Not that easy, really.
Well may be easy if you hijack the redirection message, but then what if users disable it. Would you force the redirect page?
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I don't know. I've just seen it implemented in forums before. Not sure if MyBB. After the post, it says how much they've earned for the post and the total points. To me it seems logical to include it in the plugin....

I don't mind if some users disable it. That's fine. They should have the option.

So how could I go about doing this?
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You will need a plugin for it. Either code one or request it. Do you have experience on coding with PHP?
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No, I don't have experience with this code of coding.

Total point shows in User profile.

Couldn't I use that variable in the 'Thank you for posting, you're now being redirected...' message? could just say "Thanks for posting [username], your total points are [totalpoints]" (using same variable as what's used in user profile)

Okay, I'm halfway there I believe. I found {$post['newpoints_postbit']} which calls a function to show "Points: ####".

How do I add this call to the 'Thanks for posting, you're now being redirected'?

I tried this in language, but it didn't work out.
$l['redirect_newreply'] = "Thank you, your reply has been posted. Your Total {$post['newpoints_postbit']}";

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