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Not Solved How To: SMF > PHPBB > MYBB
Not Solved
This "how to" is if you are missing attachments or duplicate attachments after you convert from smf > phpbb > mybb.

So, first you are going to want to install a fresh version of phpbb3.

Open up the admin control panel.
Go to: General > Attachment Settings.

Set all of these to 0 (which means infinite) and hit save at the bottom.
Total attachment quota
Maximum file size
Maximum file size messaging
It is also a good idea to set the below to the same as your previous forum.
Maximum number of attachments per post
Maximum number of attachments per private message

You can now install PHPBB's merge software and run it through until all of the data has been imported into phpbb.

Now we are going to have to go into phpmyadmin.
First things first, backup your entire phpbb3 database (just in case, you never know).

Locate your phpbb database and navigate to the attachments table (which is usually phpbb_attachments).

Click on it. Now if you scroll over to the "filetime" column, you might see duplicates. That is very bad, this is why you are missing a lot of your attachments, there being overwritten by other files with the same filetime.
The reason for this is the mybb converter takes the column ids and makes up the the attachment file name from that.

So... We are going to have to change all of those.
Navigate to the "SQL" tab at the top.
Once there, add everything in the codebox below to the sql section. Then hit GO.
set @i:=0; 
update phpbb_attachments set [email protected] where (@i:[email protected]+1); 

What the above does is remove all of the specified filetime numbers and inserts numbers from 1 to however many attachments you have. (For me it was 1 - 4236).

Now you can go ahead an install mybb, and then merge phpbb into your mybb install.

And that is all. I hope this will work for other people having the same problem as me.
Not Solved

Thanks for this thread, but it seems that doesn't solve my issue.
The filetimes are all different, so I guess that's not the issue.

Here's my mybb_attachments table after converting from phpBB3:

[Image: mybb_attachments.PNG]

As you can see, all the data is there, and they're all showing different filesizes, their proper filenames, everything.

Now have a look at my phpBB3 files vs the converted MyBB ones...

[Image: attachments_phpbb3_vs_mybb.PNG]

In each of those 10kb files is 222 lines of html.

Here's my phpbb_attachments (before conversion to MyBB)

[Image: phpbb_attachments.PNG]

Clicking on any of the attachment links in the posts after conversion, opens a page with a url such as:

And all that's on that page is:

<img style="-webkit-user-select: none" src="">

Here's my merge report: report_1398345472.html

This confuses me, but perhaps it'll make a lot of sense to someone else.

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