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(2014-03-19, 01:19 AM)Wildcard Wrote: Okay when I told you to put


in the Footer Search Text for Index, what that did was wrap everything below header and above boardstats in the 'side boxed area'. So to get boardstats in that area you would need to change the Footer Search text to something just below boardstats.

The search text needs to be something unique. For example, searching for <table or <div isn't good enough because those are everywhere. But don't get hung up on that because you can always just insert a comment

<!-- ASB -->

directly below boardstats and use it for the search text.

Hopefully that has you fixed up so lets get back to the topic point of this thread. New threads.

TBH I began to think about it and now I am interested in seeing what comes of it. What I can do is play around with it between work and see what I can come up with. If it seems like it makes sense in the ASB package I'll include it, if not I'll make a repo so that you can grab a copy and keep it updated if something needs to change.

Just be patient.

Oh, I managed to do it. I mean, change the stats.

ASB is a brilliant plugin. Thanks for making it available to us.

Thanks a lot for your help, as well. I really appreciate your kindness.

Hope you keep doing great things in the future.
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You are kind to say that. Thanks. Smile

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