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A thing that I noticed in one of the earlier versions (haven't tested the latest): Some texts were hard coded in the templates.
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(2014-03-31, 08:39 AM)loveley Wrote: Ok, I switched from MyBB 1.0 to 1.1 and saw that usercp_email template is empty:

<template name="usercp_email" version="1606"><![CDATA[]]></template>

Also quote button doesn't work in threads.

I'm getting a ton of missing images errors from the mobile theme in my error log...the images are simply missing from the download file, from what I can gather.
Shemo, I had a quick look round on shavenook.

The collapse buttons are not included on the theme (because gomobile does not use them) but you do need them on portal. Attached is a couple of very basic images that will help there.

The hot thread etc folder icons from the reviews forums are missing because gomobile does not use those icons in the layout and so the images are not provided.

That issue is because there is no specific template set in the mobile theme for that custom layout so the mobile theme is using the global template and so the icons are missing if that forum is viewed on a phone. This is causing most of the errors on that forum. The fast fix for the missing icons is to load the gifs for the forum display to the mobile images folder.

Regarding the broken quote - I think that is because the templates and code in GoMobile are pre MyBB 1.6.10(?) and the behavior of the reply button was changed. Its an easy fix, check in the updated templates.

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I just barely installed this and started playing with it, swapping out the colors to match my forum's theme (love if it would import the colors Angel). My forum is brandy new, so there is not much area to get in trouble yet, but so far, it seems to work fine ; )

I've only looked at it on my antique BlackBerry. The body text is a tad light/ hard to read. I'd love to configure the link to the index (so the link says more than "forums"), but haven't figured out how yet.
Found! GoMobile setting in the config panel. Ha!

I look forward to your update. Thank you!
Can't wait for the update!

My only suggestion would be to add some mobile navigation menus. I'm attempting to do that now, but I'm sure you'd be better at it.

For example, instead of ACP, UCP, MCP, etc on the top and view new posts, help and search on the bottom of the header, make a menu tab on the left and a profile tab on the right of the site name that when pressed pushes an off-screen menu onto the page.

This would make navigation much easier and you also wouldn't lose any options while going to mobile.

Thanks for the read!
On the footer replace (the code that replaces the archive link). If you modify the archive link at all (IE add a class to the 'a' tag, it won't replace the archive link with the mobile link. I had to manually add another case to the plugin to replace <a class="button" href="blabla" --etc because my current theme uses a class on the a tag.

In short: There should be better matching for the archive link, it should also include an archive link if it has other tags such as a class.
The theme is excellent. Some of these suggestions, while may be wished for by the posters are definitely things I wouldn't want included.

I've got no issue with the links in header. They're fine and not cluttered at all even I've added a couple links. I prefer to have them all right there available with single tap. I could see how dropdown would be handy for some situations, but make it optional.

a mobile theme should be default/forced to if on mobile. Any Popups or extra pages that get in the way of the user instantly being to the content are extremely annoying. If you want a desktop theme, tap menu on your Android device and select 'request desktop', or tap 'full version' in the footer. Easy peasy.

I've manually added PM user to user profile, and added pagination to threads.

For me its been great. No issues other than not being able to get the header stretched fully when using ASB. My index page looks downright terrible right now with the header all squished to the left.

Also insert image in posts not working unless including codebuttons.

(2014-03-31, 08:39 AM)loveley Wrote: Ok, I switched from MyBB 1.0 to 1.1 and saw that usercp_email template is empty:

<template name="usercp_email" version="1606"><![CDATA[]]></template>

Also quote button doesn't work in threads.

MyBB 1.1? They are now on 1.6

For the quote issue...
Sorry DrXotick, my bad - I was talking about MyBB GoMobile version, not board version.
Well I probably should have guessed. Anyways, check the thread I posted for possible fix to your quotes not working. Likely just need to update template. I had the same issue and did the change through MySQL because I didn't know better at the time.
Is there a way to add a logo on top that will resize with the forum from tablet to phone, etc via css? I have no clue on how to do this. Thanks.

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