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Is it possible to change in showteam.php file, so Owner will be the first rank, and Co. Owner the next etc.

It's a little bit messed up here.


Please close.
Not Solved
(2014-03-23, 08:17 AM)Avalanche1992 Wrote: Solved..

Please close.

When you solve an issue that you've posted a thread about, it is helpful to others who may be searching for a solution to post the solution in your thread. Saying "solved" does not help other members in solving the same issue for them.

To solve this issue you edit the order in the Admin CP.
Admin CP -> Users & Groups -> Groups
Here you can edit the order to display the groups. in the example below, the order would be: Administrators (1), Super Moderators (2) and then Moderators (3). - Hence the "Order" fields (1, 2 & 3)

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