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[For 1.8] OUGC Show In Portal
[Image: cover_preview_25096_1588063400_551bcfcd2...96f21e.png]

Allows moderators to choose what threads to display inside the portal system.

Download from the MyBB Extend page.

Check the official page for more information.
v1.8.0 Released

The plug-in is now compatible only with MyBB 1.8. Backwards compatibility is not present.

For those interested about the development of this version please read the following page:
Question: I can decide what thread to put in the portal when writing a newthread or newreply, but how can I put an already written thread without replying from someone into the portal? So basically Newthread/Newreply/Editpost.
Sadly this doesn't appear to work Sad the portal is blank

I would like to modify the behavior of the "read more" link to open it in the same tab ?

In the last thread on this plugin, I have found this answer ( )
heydevo Wrote: Heya!

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I've just set up the OUGC Show In Portal plugin, and I noticed that the Read More link create a new tab when clicked.

It looks like the target for the link is _blank, and I'm not sure where the code is so I can change it to _self.

Anyone know where I can edit this link?

I was able to fix this by editing line 895 in class_parser.php.


Other topics on mybb about modifying the general opening link action also talk about this class_paser.php. However I couldn't find what I need to modify in this file (if it is still in this file as all the topics and the previous answer are rather old).

Thanks in advance.
For this plugin, that would be in the language file, there you will find the anchor html tags so you can add the target attribute. But apparently opening in the same tab should be the default behavior.

For general and default thread/post link in 1.8.15 you can edit the _mycode_url_ template.
Thanks for the reply.
I have used the language file of ougc_showinportal.lang.php for that.
As I am allowing html in the first post only i can use the html output instead of the mybbcode, works well Smile
I have download the plugin and install it but it make all post created my user show in portal without moderation
Please help
[Image: IMG_20180811_154821_738.jpg]
Bloggers/Webmasters Community 
using this tool will remove the thread prefix anyway to fix it?

nvm i didn't configure the moderator tools correctly
I have updated this for MyBB 1.8.19.

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