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[For 1.6] OUGC Portal Pagination [1.1]
Adds pagination to your forum portal page.

See installation instructions.

See update instructions.

OUGC Portal Pagination at GitHub

Download only available from GitHub.

Only subscribers at MyBB-Plugins can get support.
no pagination link in portal section after activated the plugin Sad
In portal template set -> portal template find {$announcements}and after that add {$multipage}
the code is there. But still not working.
As long as the plugin is activated and you use the default portal file, it should work without any issues.
(03-25-2014, 02:14 PM)gamemaster Wrote: the code is there. But still not working.

i know this is a late reply but i just want to say if your using advanced sideboxes aswell then you will need to go to

and add {$multipage} after {$announcements} on this page

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