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Not Solved [Upgrading] Uploading/Upgraded Forums from freehosting
Not Solved
Hello, I soon am upgrading my free hosting forums from mybb3 to a new domain and upgraded version. Now, since my friend is upgrading it all will I be able to add plugins and such to the root folder? Or what's going to happen on that end, what will happen to the current forums, will it re-direct users and transfer all memberships to the new forums that are upgraded and domain changed? I really need these answered quick please
Not Solved
If you can download/export your DATABASE from , then, you will be able to transfer your posts and members.
Otherwise, you'll be starting off like new.

If you have FTP access on your new host, then yes, you can upload plugins.
Not Solved
I recomend you to make one backup of your database firts at all and review it's fine, if you have problems with this then you wouldn't upload to another host xD.

Then you make a backup of all files you modified or only your upload folder dir.

In your upload folder you have all avatars and files uploaded to your forum.

When you upload, only have a new config file with all antire data of your new hosting and that's all, you can upload new files and plugins and all you want to add to your new forum.

Then when you upload you database if you wish you can run upgrade proccess, and that's all, have to work without any kind of trouble.

Make sure you don't have settings file, because there you have your old data and you have troubles with upgrade proccess and that's for sure xD,
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