Looking for IPBoard-like status updates plugin
Sorry for the late post. But, I wasn't sure if I should reply or start a new thread.
(2014-04-01, 11:20 AM)Andrei Wrote: I did actually send him a message regarding that option. Still waiting for a reply though.
He has PayPal support now.

So, anyways. I'm interested in this too. There are bugs in Yaldaram's and the bug reports were pretty much untouched for several months. Such as & symbol makes your status end shortly or the fact that viewing someone else's status list links back to your own page. The popups get blocked by most popup blockers instead of loading within the site. Plus, it would be awesome to have integration into MyAlerts. Guests can comment if they can see. There's no way to let it be visible to guests, but disable their liking/comment. There's no way to see who liked.

But, out of the status widgets... Yaldaram's currently the best even if all the Yaldaram projects are abandoned for now and bug reports are left abandoned. Hopefully his life will clear up and perhaps he'd update them one day again. Smile

Edit: I fixed the ampersand problem myself and posted the fix on the official thread.
+1 for this request
What goes around comes around
Bumping an old thread. Anyone willing to do this?
+1 would also like this!
[Image: revad1.png]
MyStatus may still work, though I haven't tried it or done any work on it for about 5 years now... https://github.com/MyBBStuff/MyStatus

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