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8192 Game
Peoples of MyBB,

I've been so bored over the past few days. A friend showed me a game - called 2048. Its a game where you have to shift numbers to stack them until you get the 2048 tile. 2 on 2 makes a 4 tile, a 4 tile on a 4 tile makes an 8 tile etc...

So, I forked it, on github, and made it more awesome.

This is what I've come up with:
My Game 8192

[Image: JuOQXMt.png]
[Image: 6ELcJg6.png]

If you have any contributions, please make changes and submit a pull request. If you find any issues please report them on github.

Here is the Github Repo
Dammit Tom, I was addicted enough as it was...
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
^_^ I apologise for ruining your future xD

I'd like to point out its not exactly mobile friendly yet. I've added so many features, and the amount of css I had to rewrite for PC browsers alone is huge. So I've got to rewrite it all for mobile too xD
Ok, I've added a great new feature tonight. Introducing "Remove Mode". "Remove mode" highlights a tile, and you must combine this tile with another tile of the same value by the time the timer counts down to 00:00. If you don't combine it in time, that tile will be deleted, and you'll lose all of it's points. If thats a "128" tile then you'll lose 128 points times by your multiplier! "Remove mode" increases your multiplier by 1.0x!

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