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Post Datahander Hooks
$plugins->run_hooks("datahandler_post_insert_thread_post", $this);

$this->pid = $db->insert_query("posts", $this->post_insert_data);

It would be nice to have an additional hook added after the post is inserted so we can easily obtain the new post's pid.
RedHat Certified Systems Administrator
1.6 is feature locked. There will be no new hooks added.
Quote:Got a feature you would love to see added to MyBB? Got some feedback on MyBB? Let us know here, we will try to implement them.

Perhaps the comments/feedback will be taken as they develop future versions. I wasn't necessarily saying it HAD to be 1.6.
RedHat Certified Systems Administrator
I've suggested this for 1.8 in the past whilst part of the time and IIRC I was shot down. I can't remember the exact reasoning, but I definitely seem to remember it being rejected.

I agree though, post insert hooks would be extremely useful in lots of applications.

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